Tailored for women

At Gulf African Bank we fully understand the financial needs for women; which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to design and package a unique product just for you.

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One of the most empowering thing and liberating for a woman is to realize the hidden power within herself, connect, network with others, soar high and enjoy freedom! Start networking now! Register now.

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Discounts galore!

Real partners empower each other. We do this through our discount partner outlets. Be part of this community by opening an Annisaa account and joining this powerful community. Discover our discount outlets here.

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Knowledge hub

They say there is no force equal to a woman determined to rise…We present you with resources to discover and learn more, empower yourself in your journey to emancipation and total freedom! Visit our knowledge hub here.

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My member profile

Do you believe in yourself and your capabilities? Are you ready to share your story? Register now and send a short story about yourself and your job / what you do for a living for a chance to feature on our networking page.

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Super recipes

Become a star cook. Discover what is trending in our super recipes this week! Find out here.

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Women Entrepreneur of the year awards

Gulf African Bank is by all means a champion of women empowerment.

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Be in sync with what happened, what is happening and what is coming up involving your partner beyond banking!

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UN Women

GAB’s Women Banking (Annisaa) seeks to empower women through different initiatives. We recently partnered with UN Women to enhance our efforts toward women empowerment. The partnership has birthed an opportunity for our esteemed Annisaa customers to inspire the world at large to rally efforts in advancing the woman’s agenda through affirmative action. The stories depict an empowered woman as a catalyst to the general well being of society; raising healthier and better educated children, increased household income and a more productive work place. We are continuously building our female customers’ personal and business profiles on the featuring our customers on UN Women and by extension exposing their brands to global masses. Register today for this opportunity.

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