Tailored for women

At Gulf African Bank we fully understand the financial needs for women; which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to design and package a unique product just for you.

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One of the most empowering thing and liberating for a woman is to realize the hidden power within herself, connect, network with others, soar high and enjoy freedom! Start networking now! Register now.

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Discounts galore!

Real partners empower each other. We do this through our discount partner outlets. Be part of this community by opening an Annisaa account and joining this powerful community. Discover our discount outlets here.

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Knowledge hub

They say there is no force equal to a woman determined to rise…We present you with resources to discover and learn more, empower yourself in your journey to emancipation and total freedom! Visit our knowledge hub here.

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Do you believe in yourself and your capabilities? Are you ready to share your story? Register now and send a short story about yourself and your job / what you do for a living for a chance to feature on our networking page.

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Super recipes

Become a star cook. Discover what is trending in our super recipes this week! Find out here.

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Women Entrepreneur of the year awards

Gulf African Bank is by all means a champion of women empowerment.

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Be in sync with what happened, what is happening and what is coming up involving your partner beyond banking!

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Fish Curry

  • Written by
  • Hi awesome people how about a fish curry recipe? This is the most simplest to make full of flavor Recipe 750g tilapia fish fillets 1 tablespoon garlic ginger paste Juice…

    Sweet Butternut in coconut

  • Written by
  • Here is my delicious Sweet Butternut in coconut recipe, in Swahili we call it Matango ya nazi or Mayungu ya nazi depends where you come from? Recipe Sweet butternut in…

    Cassava and egg cutlets

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  • Hi lovelies here is a fun way of using your #Cassava (Muhogo) feel free to share the recipe.. Let's make some Cassava and egg cutlets Recipe 1 kg Cassava (peeled)…

    Chutney Masala Recipe

  • Written by
  • Happy new month! Great people a delicious recipe of my favourite Chutney masala to go as a boost for your favorite pilau, biryani or any meal that you fancy with…

    My quick chocolate Cake recipe

  • Written by
  • Chef Ali Chocolate cake recipe 500g Sugar350g Butter5-6 eggs500g flour100g cocoa4 tspn baking powder1 1/2 glass milk2 tspn vanilla essence Chocolate frosting 250g Butter400g icing sugar60g cocoa2 teaspoons water Beat…

    Potato Bajia with sweet and sour Mango Dip

  • Written by
  • Potato Bajia with sweet and sour mango Dip Potato Bajia 7 big potatoes peeled and sliced1 onions sliced1 bunch coriander (dania)Salt to taste100g gram flour100g wheat flour1/2 tspn baking powder…

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